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Recommended shop in PS area for R53 mods?

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Printed Date: March/02/21 at 5:55pm

Topic: Recommended shop in PS area for R53 mods?
Posted By: beemboy
Subject: Recommended shop in PS area for R53 mods?
Date Posted: July/29/15 at 2:10pm
Hello fellow miniacs

In light of how difficult it has been for me to find an '05 or '06 JCW R53 with less than 80k miles, I'm considering picking up an R53 Cooper S instead, and modding it with a Quaife LSD and supercharger pulley reduction, etc. Do you guys have a shop in the Seattle/Puget Sound area you'd recommend for this type of work? Thanks!


Posted By: Sixate
Date Posted: July/29/15 at 2:47pm
All you need is Kurt (Corners on here)!

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Posted By: beemboy
Date Posted: July/29/15 at 3:08pm
Oh wow, I just looked him up and found out I've been looking at his 04' modded R53 video over and over again Shocked

Had no idea he's a couple of miles up the road from me! Does he run a shop? Or is he just a guy that works and races cars?

Posted By: vballkid77
Date Posted: July/29/15 at 3:22pm

I know for my suspension work (didn't really want to drop the subframe myself) I went to a place in Tacoma, but mainly because I know a guy who knows a guy there.  They do a lot of custom suspension/paint/audio on cars down here

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Posted By: CINIMIN
Date Posted: July/30/15 at 8:20am

ZahnTech in Kirkland is a club sponsor and does excellent work.  Many satisfied PSMIN customers.

(PM sent)

Jack -

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Posted By: BurnerS
Date Posted: July/30/15 at 12:19pm
Kurt (Corners) is an excellent Mechanic and get you taken care of..

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Posted By: weescot
Date Posted: July/30/15 at 2:23pm
Up north in Bellingham, Northwest European Autoworks does excellent work on all mechanical upgrades. Ron and his team have performed servious engine, drivetrain, suspension and exhaust system modifications on my 05 MCS:

Posted By: CORNERS
Date Posted: August/04/15 at 12:51pm
Hi. I work out of my home garage on weekends. If there are any unhappy campers, nobody's telling me. I'm not a professional mechanic, but probably the next best thing and way cheaper. I know the R53 platform like the back of my hand. I've done the Quaife mod on my own car and probably a dozen or more pulley installs (I have a shelf full of stock pulleys), plus at least 15 clutch jobs. Let me know if you'd like some work done.


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Posted By: beemboy
Date Posted: August/04/15 at 1:13pm
Awesome, thank you. I've watched your videos online -- especially the pulley mod -- and I must've watched your test drive of the modded '04 more times than I'd admit in public (oops, just did. But that *sound*...). I'm considering buying an MCS with the LSD but it's great to know that the Quaife one's got a way better lockup (per your reply on the other thread).

How much do you expect a Quaife LSD install to go for roughly in $$$?

Posted By: CORNERS
Date Posted: August/04/15 at 1:17pm
I think the LSD costs about $900-1000 and it would be the same labor as a clutch install  + another hour or so to install the LSD. You can send me a PM to discuss labor cost.


Kurt/04 R53" rel="nofollow - Check out My MOD MINI repair videos channel @ YouTube

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